Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Do You Measure Up?

                                                Measuring Friendship

6 Ways To Be A Good Friend

  1. Spend quality time together. If you can’t go for walks or to yoga class together, then telephone or email your friend regularly. The conversations needn’t be long or personal; those quick “I’m thinking of you” moments can go a long way in making a strong support network.
  2. Make friends a priority. Maybe you “should” clean the house, wash the dog, go grocery shopping, or watch tv (some people feel they should do that!). But give those “shoulds” the brush and prioritize your friendships. There will be plenty of time for those “shoulds” when you’re dead. For now, think about the health benefits of friendship.
  3. Be there for the good and bad. Show up for the funerals and the weddings, the surgeries and the celebrations! Be sincerely sad or genuinely happy for your friend – and include them on the good and bad in your life, too. One way to be a good friend is to be inclusive.
  4. Don’t keep score. Who called who last? Who bought lunch last? Who spent the most on Christmas gifts? Who forgot whose birthday? Who cares? If you have a good friend, cut a little slack. If your friendship really isn’t that great, then maybe you need to re-evaluate it. The health benefits of friendship will outlast the score-keeping cards.
  5. Notice the little things. The conversations that matter the most are the quick little ones that last only a few minutes. It’s not always the deep long heart-to-hearts that bond friends together -- it's the day to day minutiae of everyday life. One way to be a good friend is to have short, sweet conversations.
  6. Focus on the positive. We all have quirks and weaknesses; focusing on your friend’s strengths and wonderful qualities will keep your friendship alive and strong. To be a good friend, forget about the things you wish were different.

I've had so many wonderful friends in my Life..Friends who have been there through thick & thin.
Friends who I can't say "Thank You" enough times too. Each journey I have taken has blessed me with new friends.. I could go on and on.. about  a friend who took the time to teach me to Blog.. or the friend who listens to me as if she has nothing else to do that day.  A friend who lay by my side when I didn't think Life was worth living. Friends that love dinner dates so we don't loose touch. My Book-Club friends.. A Friend who shared her talents so I could write a book. Friends who just drop by in my life at just the right time. My Sister's are my friends.I have Spiritual friends that I serve with.. I have friends who make me smile...
I have co-workers who have become great friends....a friend whose memory loss is just as bad as mine.. but yet we laugh and communiate.... and the list goes on and on and on..... My Mother taught me the value of friendship... she measured 120 inches and then some..
                                              I pray I may measure up to her example !!!!

                WHAT ABOUT YOU.... HAVE YOU HAD A FRIEND .....
                                                       TOUCH YOUR LIFE?

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  1. Thank you for the thought provoking post , just wonderful .blessings Sheila