Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There is Sunshine in my Soul !!

It is time for school... that means back to School ...
and it also means I get to go back to work at K.K.

But there is also Sunshine in my heart.. because of this new
Sunflower Bag!

                                         This is a Medium Bag
      I've had great response on this bag!
But loooooke what is just around the corner.....

Please remember ... I'm a one man or woman band... so if you are thinking about gifts... order early!
thank you for your support !

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I get to go to preschool today,
My friends are there as well!
We play all day and have some snacks,
And bring a toy for show-and-tell!
I can paint a picture for my mom,
Pretend or build with blocks.
Have a puppet show or look at books,
Do a puzzle or go on nature walks!
My teacher is so very nice,
We learn so many things each day!
I get to be the class helper
I just love preschool,
Can I stay?

Wow.... another school year is upon us.. some of you have children that will be graudating this coming year... others have children going to pre-school for the first time.. I love pre-school.. I work at a pre-school
"Kiddie Kollege" .....I'm the one honored to assist the teachers, prepare refreshments, watch the children at recess and bond with the teachers... Hmmm Job description: Just be the best that I can bee!  Remember Mom's ... even tho life seems crazy.. with little ones.... cherish each day...and enjoy the journey!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can you hear the Ocean?

Recently I had an order for A Large Bag and Grabbit Bag to match.
The customer was going to give it to her Mother who loved the Seaside. I also love the Coast.. the peace of the ocean coming into the shore... all of the secrets it keeps beneath the waves and the peace it brings as you listen to the waves claim the beach. 

Sea Shells.... Light Houses... Sail Boats and a great  chair to remember what you've seen!

Flower adds just the right touch as an accent!

Larege Bag and Grabbit Bag to match.....
Well here is the Bag Order I wanted to share it with you.. It was a joy to create.

The Gift of Day

Every day's a perfect gift
Of time for us to use.
Hours waiting to be filled
in any way we choose.
Each morning brings
a quiet hope
That rises with the sun.
Each evening brings
the sweet content
that comes with work well done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chinese Immersion??????????????

NoteSyracuse City Utah (first time) Chinese Immersion  from Twain!

Total of 24 children who worked very hard to come to little old Syracuse Utah.  Five adults who were parents of some of the children came to chaperon.   Syracuse Elementary teaches Chinese.
So this was a wonderful opportunity for the children  in the program to interact with their new friends!  Families in the program volunteered to have the Twain children in their homes for three weeks.  Three weeks of learning, cooking, exchanging traditions, and touring Utah.

My dauther Jenny and her husband Mitch was a host family for a Mother her son and one other child.
What a non stop hetic three weeks.. but may I add.... what a great union to bond with people you have never known and yet fill a strong kinship!  I was able to bond  with Judy the mother of one of the boys.  She loved my book.. she wanted me to make her a bag.. she bought  me a box of tea as a gift and she was constantly rubbing my back as she let me know she liked me.. and I liked ( loved) her back
      Before she left we asked her some questions and here is her answers.
1- How old are you?   48 ( she looked like she was 30 )
2- How many are in your family.  4- Husband, Mother-In-Law, Son, and herself.
3- Where do you live?  Twain Kqottsiung
4- Where do you work? Bank
5- What was your favorite thing about Utah?  Clean, people are friendly
6-What do you like about your trip?  Staying with the Jensen family & play, cook, with Jenny.. and watching  Cache Sew.
7- What is your favorite pass time? Reading and sleep more
8-What will you miss?  Your family and friends and having Ice Cream with your Mother

Judy I hope you are reading this because their are tears in my eyes as I write about my friend who is far far away.. May you be blessed with special blessings in your life.  You made me want to be a
better person and I appreciate the love you showed me and I also realize how there is always a reason why things happen the way they do... May God be with you til me meet again!

Friday, August 10, 2012


                          I'm in the process of creating  LDS.- TEMPLE BAGS.
           These bags can be ordered with your favorite Temple embroderied  on the front.
      Go to my bag page and get prices. I hope you love them as much as I do !
          They will hold your clothes  and the bag has 6-pockets on the out side.





The Bags are great gift items.
and my sister who will be serving at the Payson Temple could hardly wait to get hers! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Land Than I Love

My daughter's theme in her home is Americana ( Def: a collection of materials relating to American folklore)  she has this cute little whinnny voice( Def. to neigh softly.. thought I would throw that in so I don't get in trouble) anyway back to the story.... she ask if I could make her something to go somewhere in her new home... kitchen, hall, and family room.. I did her curtains and other quilted items so .... She is hard to resist because she is such a giving-loving daughter.  ( By the way I have 4- daughters and they all have that gift of giving and going the extra mile)  They are all hero's in Service, caring, giving, family and loving their Mom.  On with my story.. I love
 ART-TO-HEART  patterns so I recreated her pattern " Land That I Love" 

P.S.   I have some awsome son's also.. but they would rather have cookies.