Saturday, April 28, 2012

I feel like a Queen

I feel like a Queen ( a old one) just returning from the Ball.
Women's conference was unbelievable.. something for all.
I knew I was going to have aches and pains from my old run down body.. but I carried on minute by minute.. hour by hour thanks to my three girls and their patience.
I've never seen so many ( thousands) of women all there to learn, serve - chat -  teach -bond - eat- talk- share- walk- eat again
 ( ya I know there was alot of nummy food booths) bond- compare- share-
cry- laugh and hug!   The Class Choices were endless but the best was the area for serving.. when we were there with hundreds of other women putting school bags together for children in need.. it was awesome to be able to be a part of "Forty thousand.. yes that's right.. 40-thousand school bags filled with school supplies
(nonated by the L.D.S Churh and private donors )  for children in need.. and that was only one area.. many.. many other area's to serve and make a difference.. (crocheted mittens, fleece blankets, and quilts were being made.)
I hope this can become a tradition and more family members can jump aboard and go with us next Year! 

Thanks to the hubbies for stepping forward and filling in so we could attend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Going Back to SCHOOL!

Good ole School Days!

I will be taking class's to improve my mind.
(Just a thought.... do you think I will remember what I learn?)
          My Memory Loss.... is totalLy LOST! 

I'm going with  three of my girls and meeting my Sister for a movie and dinner and a sleep over for two nights.. at her home..

( I can remember sleeping in my Sister's room growing up and she would sneak out the window.. ...........       and threatened my life if I told our Mom.) hmmmm!

I'm taking my pain pills.. a bit of spending money and a clear mind.
Or I should say "Empty Mind" so I can refill my thought system,  revamp my soul, pump up my heart so -I -can -make- a- difference as I continue into the twighlight of my life! 

I will update you when I return.. ya never know.. what kind of adventures I can get my self in..too....have a great week!

Just a note.. I love all my follower's and those who take the time to read my crazy thoughts.. where ever you are.. Thank You!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

From Rags to Riches

Inroducing.. my new Rag-Bag..

Each side has it's own personality! Or should I say Attitude!
                                                        Price: $25.00 plus.. the gov..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Shoes are made for...walking!

I just got back from walking.. I do 40 minutes a day.. as you can see my shoes are well worn..  I'm having back problems
 (spinal stenosis ) posibility of surgery in the summer!  So I need to keep moving!
Walking feels great.. it's just getting up and out the door!
My dog MiMi..loves to go walking .. she's my walking buddy.
I know alot of you walk.. and my friend has a great Blog to encourage you..   
Her web site has great information for staying healthy.. also Read the artice below.. weather is great.. no excuses.. let's do it!

            The Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for your heart. A recent Harvard study shows that walking at a moderate pace (3 mph) for up to 3 hours a week—or 30 minutes a day--can cut the risk of heart disease in women by as much as 40%. This is the same benefit you would get from aerobics, jogging, or other vigorous exercise. The benefits to men are comparable.
Along with its benefits to the heart, walking:
  • improves circulation
  • helps breathing
  • combats depression
  • bolsters the immune system
  • helps prevent osteoporosis
  • helps prevent and control diabetes
  • helps control weight (see below)
Studies have also shown that people are most likely to stick to exercise when it is part of their daily lives. Walking is ideal, especially in a city like Cambridge, where most people can take some of their trips on foot—to work, school, the store, church, or the movies. This enables people to incorporate walking into activities they would be doing anyway. Once you start looking for opportunities to walk, you will be amazed at how many there are. If you combine walking with taking the T, you can get to most destinations in the metropolitan Boston area.

Walk and Lose Weight

I've been through every diet under the sun, and I can tell you that getting up, getting out, and walking is always the first goal.
- Oprah Winfrey
Walking is aerobic exercise. It keeps you fit and it helps you take off extra weight and keep it off. Obesity has become an epidemic among Americans; it is especially troubling that so many American children are now overweight or obese. Numerous studies have shown that lack of exercise is a major factor.

Number of calories a 150-pound person burns walking at a moderate pace (3 mph):

10 minutes0.5 miles44
20 minutes1 mile88
30 minutes1.5 miles132
40 minutes2 miles176
50 minutes2.5 miles219
60 minutes3 miles263

Number of calories a 150-pound person burns walking at a brisk pace (4 mph):

10 minutes.67 miles61
20 minutes1.33 mile122
30 minutes2 miles183
40 minutes2.67 miles244
50 minutes3.33 miles305
60 minutes4 miles366

Friday, April 13, 2012

I lov 2 Sew Sassy Bags!

Hi my friends and family.. just wanted to give a shout out for my
new bag creations!
Click on to my Sassy Bag Button.. and check it out..
I'm getting ready for a craft show.. but I have extra's
with more to come..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Whose your Neighbor?

My husband and I moved to this home almost three years ago..... and it was a worry .. wondering if we would enjoy our new surroundings and most of all the neighbors!  But, even before we moved completely into our home.. out came our neighbors to help us and support our needs.  Now we are very fortunate to be apart of the neighborhood.  There's plenty of kids.. so we get to watch as they learn how to ride their bikes for the first time... cheering them on to victory. We watch them play hockey with their parents, we enjoy the homemade raspberry jam that pops up at Christmas time and we often get a knock on the door for gum balls.  ( we have a big stash of them just waiting for the knock)_ My neighbors have become our best friends. They watch our dog when we are away, bring in our mail as well as the garabge cans. It's a great place to live and our neighbors can depend on us to return the favors?

 ( Neighbors.. what kind of neighbor are you?)

Being neighborly can mean different things to different people. Each of us may have an individualized notion of the ideal residents in our community, and these ideas can vary pretty widely. Some people work at being neighborly, while others just make a habit of being nosy. Neighbors come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Some keep a close eye on everyone’s comings and goings, while others remain recluses inside their unwelcoming homes. You might have someone living beside you that continually runs in and out of your life, like some of those pesky but humorous supporting characters in the sitcoms. Depending on your personal preferences, being neighborly might mean staying invisible except for a quick wave while getting the mail. Or you might think of someone being a good neighbor when he or she is available to help out with any unexpected need, whether it is to lend an egg or give your child a ride to soccer practice when your car won’t start.

Turning the tables, what kind of neighbor are you? Do you mind your own business and leave everyone alone, or do you make a point of chatting over lawn work and returning a stray pet that gets loose? Are you one of those people who organize neighborhood yard sales, or do you keep to yourself to the point of no one knowing your name?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Blessing's- to You & Yours!

No matter how mature and sophisticated you may never outgrow your need for chocolate bunnies!        HAVE A WONDERUL EASTER.. AND ENJOY ALL YOUR BLESSINGS!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goodbye my Friend!

I want you to meet two of my dear friends.  We got together because life changes are being made.
Cassy on the right is leaving for Kansas. Kari in the middle lives in Ogden and I in Clinton.
The Lord seems to send just the right person at just the right time
 to help me walk step by step on my path of life......
 ( the glue that holds me together are all those great  friends who have made life worth living now as well as in the past )

Here is the info from Cassy..
                    as usual she has  brought tears to my eyes as memories of long ago are forwarded to this day.

     We are moving to Kansas because Reed was accepted into University of Kansas (KU) Nurse Anesthetist Graduate      Program. It is a three year program. We were blessed that when we went back to look at housing, I got an interview at an HCA hospital back there and got a job! It's at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, MO. We are moving in May.

 My favorite memory would, there are too many. I'll share my favorite fun and my favorite memorable memory. My favorite fun memory was doing the Taste of Home Apron Get Together in your back yard! I loved hearing about everyone's aprons, why they were meaningful and eating all that delicious food. BJ, you are the creator of memories!

My memory that I will always cherish was while I was a really young mom. My twoyoungest kids at the time were only 14 months apart therefore, I had to take both of them to Relief Society with me. You were the one person that dared to sit next to me, without fail, and ask to hold one of my babies. It was something that I truly needed but, didn't know how to ask. I wanted to do it all and yet, with ease, you were there to help me be the mom that I wanted to be. Attending church and teaching my children that that was where we needed to be, even if it's hard to get there with diaper changes, stress and feeling like I didn't learn a whole lot because I was caring for my kids. I always want my children to know it's important that we act as we believe and BJ is the one person who doesn't do acts of service or kindness for show. She can see the inner workings of a person's heart and is there to help in times of need. BJ, you helped me be the mom I wanted to be but, couldn't be without an angel to help me. You were my angel for me at that time in my life.

 I truly LOVE you for you being there when I felt I didn't know how I would handle my position in life. You eased my burden and helped me through a time in my life when it was a challenge to do those things I believed in. I will always, ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart for the woman that never had to be asked when and where to help, she just did.

Love you!!