Monday, April 9, 2012

Whose your Neighbor?

My husband and I moved to this home almost three years ago..... and it was a worry .. wondering if we would enjoy our new surroundings and most of all the neighbors!  But, even before we moved completely into our home.. out came our neighbors to help us and support our needs.  Now we are very fortunate to be apart of the neighborhood.  There's plenty of kids.. so we get to watch as they learn how to ride their bikes for the first time... cheering them on to victory. We watch them play hockey with their parents, we enjoy the homemade raspberry jam that pops up at Christmas time and we often get a knock on the door for gum balls.  ( we have a big stash of them just waiting for the knock)_ My neighbors have become our best friends. They watch our dog when we are away, bring in our mail as well as the garabge cans. It's a great place to live and our neighbors can depend on us to return the favors?

 ( Neighbors.. what kind of neighbor are you?)

Being neighborly can mean different things to different people. Each of us may have an individualized notion of the ideal residents in our community, and these ideas can vary pretty widely. Some people work at being neighborly, while others just make a habit of being nosy. Neighbors come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Some keep a close eye on everyone’s comings and goings, while others remain recluses inside their unwelcoming homes. You might have someone living beside you that continually runs in and out of your life, like some of those pesky but humorous supporting characters in the sitcoms. Depending on your personal preferences, being neighborly might mean staying invisible except for a quick wave while getting the mail. Or you might think of someone being a good neighbor when he or she is available to help out with any unexpected need, whether it is to lend an egg or give your child a ride to soccer practice when your car won’t start.

Turning the tables, what kind of neighbor are you? Do you mind your own business and leave everyone alone, or do you make a point of chatting over lawn work and returning a stray pet that gets loose? Are you one of those people who organize neighborhood yard sales, or do you keep to yourself to the point of no one knowing your name?


  1. We do kind of keep to ourselves. We sort of like our privacy. I really worry about being nosey with our neighbors, too. But, I do make up some Christmas gifts for those that live nearby. We only have 2 children that live across the street. But, they stay in their driveway when playing.

    I have told the young family with the 2 children, that if they EVER need anything we are available anytime night and day. She is pregnant and I mentioned that if they need to go to the hospital (even in the middle of night) that I would be happy to watch the children while her and her husband leave for the delivery.

    OH!! I wish that YOU were MY neighbor!!


    1. Annie.. you are a neighbor just by being the greatest Blogger in Blogging Land..your amazing!