Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kiddie Kollege.. a fun place to work

I work here... and I love it! I assist the teachers and pamper to the needs of the children..

It is time for the Pumpkin Walk.
Each child takes a pumpkin home to carve.
K.K started a pumpkin - walk many years ago and it has grown each year to the point that  Syracuse City got involved.  Because of the dedication of this great family .. many parents and children hold great memories as they look for their pumpkin among hundreds of entries.
Hats off to K.K. for making a difference!

There are all kinds of Witches
at K.K.... ( and they are all loveable)

Families are always welcome at K.K. .... this is a few of my grandchildren hangin- out -with- grandma while their Mom subs for a teacher.

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