Saturday, February 2, 2013

Drops of Awesome

I wish I could tell you that I'm lying on a Maui with no cares or worries...but I can't

I've been doing alot of thinking lately( something you do when you get older) and my question to myself.. is... why do I BLOG?.... does anyone out there in Blog Land anticipate my Blogs.. ??

I have closed my small business "SassyBags".  the good old Gov.. expects you to make money so they can tax you a bit more.. and I seem to be more of a giver then I should have been.. but I love to give ... then I got a bit of anixity with the small business so I hung the CLOSED SIGN UP.

But I'm looking forward to being with & tending my Grandkids more and then I'm extending my hobbies so I can  share with others.  I have a wonderful Bernina Embroidery Machine 730.. and I got hooked  with Crochet patterns  by Cony Larsen ( ) I'm reading all of Anita Stansfield's books..with my chocolate!

So back to the question.. should I Blog.. ????

Then I read a wonderful story called  Drops of Awesome !
It answered my questions....
Now I know in my heart... I write because I love to share and I love to write... it doesn't matter if I have a thousand followers.. I only need one person to read my blog... even if it's only- me- in order  to make a  Drop of Awesome!

Enjoy the Story @

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