Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's are great "Gifts" to their children!

I get mixed feelings about "MOTHERS DAY".. I  always think of the if's, and the coulda's and the where did the years go too?...

But I do love gifting my daughter's and daughter-in-laws...

Here was my project:  for 2013  ( Dish Towels)

These cute chicken's was a great find.  I found the patterns on a Trip to Nauvoo 4yrs ago!
I've had them tucked away.. and smiled ...when I found them..." I LOVE CHICKENS"
You can get these iron on's @ / their selection is unbelievable!

So if you like oldie's take a peek and you'll thank me for SHARING!

                                           THIS IS A PATTERN I DOWNLOADED AT THE
                                          BERNINA STORE IN PROVO. UTAH..

                                IT HAD 22 COLOR CHANGES AND I MADE 5 OF THESE!

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