Monday, July 29, 2013

Boop..Boop.. ( Betty that is )


There's just something about "Betty Boop" ( I didn't know she had her own website!)
Have some fun and check it out... what else do we have to do... July is coming to an end of celebrations and family gatherings.. we need a break.. so lets Boop along and smile at some good old memories...  Follow me on PINTEREST... and get some great  pictures for your Pinterest!)

Betty Boop has become a multi-million-dollar brand, licensed in virtually every product category by quality manufacturers. She’s an undeniable licensing powerhouse in the United States and has increased in popularity with consumers around the world.
King Features has also been raising the profile of Baby Boop, the infant version of the popular Queen of Cartoons. Both in the United States and internationally, new agreements have been signed for infant apparel and accessories, baby-care products, gifts and stationery and learning and exploration products.
Betty Boop has made the transition from animation, print and audio formats to all-digital media. She has her own website at and entertains hundreds of thousands of fans via her own social media channels. Follow her on Twitter (@bettyboopnews). Like her on Facebook ( And don’t forget to shop til you drop at the official online booptique at!

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