Friday, July 29, 2011

running too fast...

When we are running too fast to catch up with our days...
it's nice to catch our breath and share a memory.


Come with me, no shoes allowed, let's go barefoot in the grass.
Hold my hand, as we remember, all the summers of the past.
Eating ice cream in the sunshine, as it dribbles down our arms.
Playing hopscotch and singing songs, Like "Old Mcdonald had a farm".
Orange soda and kool-aid pops and cooking hot dogs on the grill.
Trying to see who the strongest was, who would be King of the Hill?
Sitting by the lakeside, squishing sand between our toes.
Chasing fireflies in the night sky, never knowing why they glowed.
Summer rains that gently fell and washed my little face.
Sitting down at supper time, with family saying grace.
Thank you Lord for giving me these precious memories.
Older now but remembering, with every summer breeze.
~~By Linda Edge 1998.~~

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