Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If only Mrs Bennett could see me now!

I know this might be a shocking suprise to many of my close friends but ... here I gooooo!
I flunked my Sewing Class in 1964.....My teacher was Mrs. Bennett and she was such a patient woman.
but with all of her skills .. I just couldn't concentrate on the projects.. I thought sewing was boring!

I know.... I know.. the question you are asking is .."how do you flunk  sewing and                                      Be a Sew Acholic  now?
Well what can I say.. back in the 70's I opened a Quilt Shop ... A Stitch N Time.
 in a little town called Heber.
it started out as a survival endevor but soon became a recovery journey for me as well as meeting  a great woman who became the teacher for the quilt class's!
" and may I add my best friend"
Check back on Thursday and see what mischief I'm up too!
It's a sewing project for my daughter.... hmmm  ... you won't want to miss this!
The fabric is from THIMBLES & THREAD IN DRAPER!

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