Wednesday, November 16, 2011


        I Invite You to Read a Story in Order to Recive a Story

                    This is a Christmas Give Away Story

Each Year in the State of Utah.. we have what is called the " Festival of Tree's"
Hundreds of Trees are decorated to the extreme to tell a story.. many stories are of those who have passed away and the Tree is in their Honor.  As you humbly stroll down each isle your heart beats at the beauty and creativity of each tree.  This year there will be an Extrodinary Tree in Honor of an Extrodinary Man.
His name is David O. Evans and he is the father of Richard Paul Evans. The tributes to this man is endless.
He was a man of his word and his actions of service spoke the words of love for those less fortunate.
He co-founded The Christmas Box House International and devoted his remaining healthy years to serving abused, neglected, and ophaned children, both in the U.S. and abroad.This year he will be honored with a tree.. bearing his tools of trade.. tools of service ... tools of love.
     I received a phone call ... asking if I would make the Christmas Tree Skirt to enhance the Master Piece!
I felt honored to be given this opportunity.. so please take my journey..
 A Gift Of Love.

Free pattern on Internet.. by Darlene Zimmerman

I wish I had more instructions!

Her ruler was a must: Companion Angle!

I think I'm getting the hang of this..

I'm moving right along.. as I sew- Many Christmas Memories are flittering through my Mind!

Wow.. what a journey..I don't know about you but I do alot of thinking when I sew..
and with this project .. I took the time to Count my Blessings!

The End of my Christmas Service Project in Honor of  David O. Evans

This is Richard Paul Evans New Release! 
New York Times Bestselling Author!


And I will put your name into the  "Christmas Jar"  for the free Drawing!

Christmas is the time for Giving.. Sooooo Post my Blog on your Blog and I will give you two more opportunties to Win!


  1. This is an awesome giveaway! and tree skirt is BEEE-YOU-teee-FULL! You counted your blessing while sewing...I think that I should do more of THAT! And, you have inspired me to do so.

    and, another thing...
    BJ, I will FUR-SHORE...count YOUR friendship as one of my VERY sweetest blessing!


  2. What an honor to be asked to make this beautiful tree skirt! Such a tribute to a father and son who are so giving to these children in great need. I would love to read the latest book of Mr. Evans! Have read and cherished his other novels. They bring messages of hope and light. Thank You for serving.

  3. How touching and what an honour for you to make this beautiful tree skirt in honour of David O.Evans . I would love to win the book by Richard I am a huge fan. Thanks for the chance .

  4. What a great story...I appreciate the thought you put into this tree skirt; it is lovely. I am honoured to be part of it in this little way. I am hoping to win this wonderful book; and will post about it also..thank you for this opportunity.

  5. Welll, I've been sent here by Marjorie, Sheila, and Rubyslipperz :)

    And I am so glad. I think your tree skirt is just beautiful and you have a beautiful spirit to do something so wonderful as this.

    I would love to have a chance at winning this book.

    Thank you !

  6. A brief story about myself is Christmas "service", when my children were small and my mother and I collected TY Beanie babies from McDonalds. Each Christmas season, I would have my children wrap the beanies and on Christmas eve we would go to the local hospital and pass them out to the children in the pediatric ward who would not be home for Christmas.

    You tree skirt is absolutely wonderful! I am a new follower! Ms. rubyslipperz has sent me. :)

    Richard Paul Evans is a wonderful writer. :) I have just about all his books and I recently ordered Miles To Go and Lost December! I am hoping they will arrive today! - Thank you.

  7. You did a beautiful job on the tree skirt... Such an honor! The photo on the fence is breath taking!

    The members of my family go through our warm jackets and accessories and give them to my little sister's public school... to many little ones without warm winter apparel... that just should NOT be!

    Thank you so much for the background on David O. Evans. I treasure his son's books. They are inspirational human beings and make us all aspire to be better people while on this earth! :)

  8. You have done a wonderful job on the tree skirt. It should add the finishing thouch on the special tree hounoring David O Evans.
    I will have to see if I can find any of the books by Richard Paul Evans, from the sounds of the above posts he is a very good author. Thanks for sharing this touching story and the chance to find a new writter, and win one of his novels

  9. My favorite Christmas memory is when my parents had a neighbor dress up as Santa and visit me. I was sooooo on the edge of not believing and there he was.

    Beautiful tree skirt, by the way! What an honor for you to make it.

  10. Your tree skirt is beautiful! Last year our quilt group decorated birthday bags and stuffed them with things for a birthday party (candles, candy, party favors, cake mix, icing, napkins) and gave them to the local crisis center to give to children who otherwise wouldn't have anything on their birthday.


  12. Thank you for sharing this with favorites memories are being with my parents and seven brothers and sisters all down the years and the new memories with my children and grandchildren during the Christmas season. What an honor for you and what a beautiful tree skirt. Well Done!!!!

  13. Years ago my church went carolling at Christmas and I really enjoyed that. But it dwindled away, people didn't sing and it was just too cold. These days my service at Christmas is through donations of money to the food bank, the Salvation Army and other groups which help people who might be alone, in need or lonely at Christmas.

  14. Favourite Christmas memory? Fish and chips on the boat ... followed by watermelon! summer in New Zealand at Christmas time!

  15. I love Richard Paul Evans books and would love to read this one...the work he does is so heartwarming. I always find that the things I do for other's at Christmas is more rewarding than any present I receive.

  16. How special this xmas skirt is and what a lovely job you did as it is stunning.At xmas time i love to make up parcels of toiletries for mums to sit under the xmas tree at our church,i feel sometimes the mum's get forgotten about.
    Thankyou for a chance to win this lovely book.

  17. I don't have a blog but I do have a story. The Christmas of 1997 was spent at University Hospital in Denver, CO. My husband was dying and my son and I were holding vigil (3 1/2 months of vigil). We were hundreds of miles away from home and alone. A young neurosurgeon resident, the people from my office and church saw to it my son had a nice, not so sad, Christmas. He was showered with gifts I couldn't afford much less think about. We were both very well taken care of. We made some wonderful friends in the hospital waiting room with whom we spent Hanukah and Christmas Eve. We all did loose our loved one just after the holidays, 4 different families. This was a Christmas my son and I will never forget, filled with bittersweet memories and love shown by old friends and new.
    Wouls love the book.

  18. Cahterine.. I was humbled by your story.. I'm sure your heart was touched forever. I need you to come back and press the "Contact Button"
    So I can get your name and put in the jar.

  19. Gorgeous tree skirt - what an honor!
    Several years ago we had a horrific blizzard on Christmas Eve day. I knew that many of my elderly neighbors would not be able to get out for midnight mass. So I got out my shovel & spent several hours cleaning out sidewalks & driveways so they could. They were soooo appreciative! I got quite a few Christmas cookies that night!

  20. I love your tree skirt. It's gorgeous.
    Our city, like many others I'm sure, collects coats for the people who need them. I donate as I'm very Blessed and have more than one. Thank you for your giveaway.


  21. One tradition that we still work on is the giving tree at church, there are names and ages of children and we would let the kids take turns each year picking the child to get the gifts for. I only have 1 child left in the area so we still do that together. One of my favorite past services was working with the girl scout troops, making baby quilts or singing carols. we had a great time.

  22. I loved decorating the tree with my parents! It was such a wonderful memory. My dad always put the nativity up and let me put the baby Jesus in the manger! I love the book you have here. What a terrific lady you are!

  23. The tree skirt is truly beautiful. Christmas always brings me close to the memory of my great grandma. She was like my grandma as she raised my father. When we would visit her, we had to stop by the church to pick her up from the church bazaar that she had been working that day. From crafts to quilts, she'd sit and tend to the goods. When my parents got married, she gave them a wedding quilt that the woman made from the bazaar. 53 years later it's a bit tattered and torn. I found it stashed away in my mother's closet this summer. So I'm going to pull it out, and duplicate the pattern for a quilt for my brother and his new family. Hopefully, it too will be filled with memories, 53 years later. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, and giving me the opportunity to take time and remember Great Gram :)