Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bonding with my Girls.........

  Okay... this is my short but sweet message... even tho I have Bag's to sew and  my curtain project to dooooooooooooo......... It's time to take a deep breather and do our new TRADITION!

Every three month's my four girls and I go on a advernture.. we draw names to see who will be over the journey! That person plans it and pays for it....even tho money is hard to come by.. the scrafice has proved to be worth the memories!

This time me and my chicks           ... will be going to St. George for the weekend...

I will take pictures so I can share.. ( hopefully I can share ) we get pretty crazy.. but I'm bringing

This is our goal...Day 1 --- leave Clinton area @ 9:30..( it will be great if that really happens )

then we are heading directely to " DUNFORD DOUGNETS " IN SOUTH JORDAN. Yum yum...

Then we are stopping off at the Swimsuit store in Lehi!  
Hmmmmmmmmm this is what I call normal but others think we are crazy.

Please keep following me.. I get lonely and if you have any friends.. encourge them to be a follower.
And if you have ennimies.. you could also suggest they follow this nutty woman's adventures.


  1. I think this new tradition is AWEsome!! It's such a great idea!

    Don't forget to visit at least a few of the great Quilt Stores in St George...there are MANY!


  2. This sounds like a super fun tradition!!!