Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you the CHICK that made it Click!

Okay.. I must confess... every-morning when I make my bed.. I have a instant replay ...( a chick- click )
I was young.. probably 10 yrs. old and  I loved tending kids.. there was a neighbor around the corner who had little children who I loved tending.. she was always teaching me household duties... and she is the one who taught me how to make a bed .... the correct way.. So even tho the years have passed it never fails that I think of
   ( Glenna Smith in Heber City ) as I make my bed....I have a instant replay of her showing me how to tuck the corners!   Do you have someone that clicks ....a memory?

Oh by the Way-look what I found (just in case.. you need help!)

How to make a Bed by Martha Stewart!
1- begin with a good-quality mattress and box spring. Protect the mattress with a cotton cover.

2- Unless your're using a fitted sheet, make hospital corners with the bottom sheet, starting at the bed's head: Drape the sheet evenly over the bed, leaving about 1 foot of fabric hanging beyound the head.  Stand beside the bed, toward its center, and pick up a side hem. pull the hem toward you into a taut crease, then raise the creased section over the mattress so the sheet makes a tringular tent over the bed. With your other hand, smooth the sheet flat along the mattress side.--  then fold the creased section down over the side, and tuck the sheet snugly under the mattress. Repeat the proces at the foot and other side of the bed.
3-Add the top sheet, and make hospital corners at the bed's foot
4- Leave the sides untucked for easier sleeping. finish with a blanket, quilt, or down comforter.

or you could give Glenna a call!


  1. I'm such a visual person...I kinda got lost between the sheets lol!

    But, your words, "a chick that made it click" rang in my brain. I have had several ladies in my live that when I go to do something, I remember that they taught me how to do something important...or a better way to do something....

    Thanks for jarring a few cobwebs from my old memories =)


  2. Hmmmm, any tips on how to make a recliner?