Friday, February 10, 2012


                                      Are You Living Your Dream?

                     I presented this question to many of my friends during the week?
           I was surprised to find that many of us haven't  been able to click our RED SHOES...
                                   and experience only "Happy Ever After's ."

                        Many of us accepted where we landed and  give it our all!

                      We're the Dream's you had for your children... Their Dreams?

                                                 Did you win the RACE?

                                                Did you beat the ODDS?

                         Did you marry your Prince and the fairy tale continues? 

                Never stop having the COURAGE to DREAM..
                                 even if some don't come true.. there are others waiting !

                Do you look in the Mirror each morning and see the reflection
                                                    of your best FRIEND

                                     It's never to late too tap your RED Shoes together...
                                     and find that dream or continue to live the one you have..

                                    ( WITH A SMILE AND A SONG IN YOUR HEART)

                                    (  JUST LIKE DORTHY IN THE WIZARD OF OZ !)

                                             TOUCH THE ARROW AND ENJOY...                                          
                                                  OR BETTER YET.. BELIEVE!

1 comment:

  1. I I try to wear my red shoes as many days as possible. It's all about looking at my glass as at LEAST half FULL. There are some days tho, that I seem to be spending lots of time "looking" for the red shoes...only to find that they were in my closet all along!

    Yep...this is one of my absolute FAV songs!