Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where's is your "Shoebox"

                        Grandma..." do you have a shoe box?"

                                      Just another quiet evening at home... me in my rocker
                                            crocheting (scrubbies) and my hubby watching the
                                                          History Channel..
                                         My cell phone rings.. and breaks the familar routine
                                                                of our quiet evening.
                                       "Grandma... this is Bryson... do you have a shoe box?"

                                    I told Bryson our 9yr. old 3rd. grader that I was sure we
                                                       could find one and  he could come to our  house  
                              and get it.  My husband inquired about the phone call and his eyes lit up ..

                                       ( we had a purpose.. we were   needed )

   We pulled our old bodies up and out of our nightly resting nest.. and journeyed to the closet.. at first we  
   really had to look... hopefully our grandson wasn't making the trip to our home for nothing.. ahh..
                              way to the back.. waiting for a purpose was a shoebox!
         With in minutes the door bell rang and Bryson stood there with his blonde hair spiked and his big eyes looking at us .. like we're weird!  My husband Charlie proudly handed him the shoe box.  Byson gave us a hug and he was off to do his school project.  We go back to our routine... me in my rocker and hubby in the recliner..... he looked over at me and said:  "It's nice to be needed".   one of the defination's of Need is: useful-desirable-obligation-useful.
           I would like to thank all 22 of our grandchildren for giving us the tender moments of being needed.

It might not be a shoe box.. but I'm sure you have been needed by others.   I'm postive that you have been a blessing to others by the acts of your kindness and genersority.  You all have your own stories and I hope we will be able to add many more stories as the the years pass by. Thank you for being the kind  person you are and thank you for letting me share my shoe-box!.



  1. That was a sweet story! I really like that kids today still want to use an ole shoe box for a project! Awesome!

  2. I luv those crochet scrubbies....a friend of mine gave me a couple of them a few years ago...her mother crochets them. I just think they are the best...I know I found a pattern online a year or so ago, not sure exactly where it is as I haven't had to make one yet....DFriend always brings me a new one whenever she comes for a visit....I use them to clean the tile in the bathroom too....they are the best.

    I wish we lived closer to our grandpeeps....they are in Canada about a 4 hour drive from Michigan....a few weeks ago my 4 year old DGD called me and said 'Nana can you come to the school to hear me sing heart sank....I said I was sorry that I couldn't come as it was a long long drive to come....she says in such an angel like voice..."we can come and get you Nana"...I felt so bad...and I suggested she call Auntie Eileen (my sister) and see if she would come and hear you sing...she is so good to my grandpeeps...I think it is time we think of retiring back to Canada. You had a wonderful evening.... you helped your grandson and got a hug...sweet story.

  3. It It's VERY nice to be needed. We don't have any of my 9 grandchildren living near us. I still try to send "care" packages every so often to them. I like to send cards for different holidays. Thanks for sharing your sweet, descriptive are such a great writer! I always luv to read your stories. =)