Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I wanted to share... some fun items that I'm adding to my "SASSY BAG COLLECTION"

Grabit Bags will help you orgainze so your less frazzeled when you are looking for something!
                     ( Just remember ..you- put- it- in -your- Grabit Bag )
GRABIT'S are just the right size and convenient for your projects ... I'm in the process of making different Grabit Bag Themes.
Hmmm.. they will be great for your handsewing, knitting, recipes you have printed out, books, makeup...and more!
Also great for kids to take to church with their coloring books etc.  The list is endless...
This item will be sold by e-mail only...
                                             Size; 15" wide 12" high./ with zipper closure.

                                                            GRABIT BAGS

                                           CLICK ON BAG BUTTON FOR MORE INFO..

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