Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can you hear the Ocean?

Recently I had an order for A Large Bag and Grabbit Bag to match.
The customer was going to give it to her Mother who loved the Seaside. I also love the Coast.. the peace of the ocean coming into the shore... all of the secrets it keeps beneath the waves and the peace it brings as you listen to the waves claim the beach. 

Sea Shells.... Light Houses... Sail Boats and a great  chair to remember what you've seen!

Flower adds just the right touch as an accent!

Larege Bag and Grabbit Bag to match.....
Well here is the Bag Order I wanted to share it with you.. It was a joy to create.

The Gift of Day

Every day's a perfect gift
Of time for us to use.
Hours waiting to be filled
in any way we choose.
Each morning brings
a quiet hope
That rises with the sun.
Each evening brings
the sweet content
that comes with work well done.

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