Sunday, August 5, 2012

Land Than I Love

My daughter's theme in her home is Americana ( Def: a collection of materials relating to American folklore)  she has this cute little whinnny voice( Def. to neigh softly.. thought I would throw that in so I don't get in trouble) anyway back to the story.... she ask if I could make her something to go somewhere in her new home... kitchen, hall, and family room.. I did her curtains and other quilted items so .... She is hard to resist because she is such a giving-loving daughter.  ( By the way I have 4- daughters and they all have that gift of giving and going the extra mile)  They are all hero's in Service, caring, giving, family and loving their Mom.  On with my story.. I love
 ART-TO-HEART  patterns so I recreated her pattern " Land That I Love" 

P.S.   I have some awsome son's also.. but they would rather have cookies.

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