Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Season

Summer time is gone my friends
It slowly comes but quickly ends.
It's been replaced by time called Autumn.
Nature changes hues from top to bottom
Green gives way to red and gold.
A lovely vision to behold.
Whirling leaves go blowing by
Carrying smells of pumpkin pie.
The air turns crisp the sky fades grey.
Indian corn and bales of hay.
Overcoats and apple cider.
No more evenings on the glider.
The harvest moon so orange and round
Holidays will soon abound.
Chrysanthemum petals start to unfold
A lovely vision to behold.
~~Author Unknown.~~

What is your memory of fall.. is it your favorite Season?

I loved as a little girl playing in the abundant leaves at our home in Heber City Utah.  There was time to play, time to pile the leaves up high and scatter them in delight. There was time to ponder and time to lay on your back in a bed of leaves.. looking up into the big cloudy sky and wondering if God was looking back at you.

Share with me your memories...............

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