Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We are here to see the Lion King!
Viva Las Vegas
Charlie was excited to see the Pawn Shop he watches on T.V.
Notice the line.. hmmmm!

Charlie is trying to be part of the GANG!

We took Dallin & Cameron to breakfast while the rest of the clan went to the Las Vegas Temple

The Lion King was GRRRRREAT..... well worth the trip... Thank you Cindi & Sam for the memories!

Thanks Angela and Spencer for your patience .. especially when I got so car sick.. and it all came up!
Charlie took me back to the Excalibur Hotel.. and people glanced at me with discuss
 ( I had throw-up from my head to my toe)  ..shaking their heads as if I was just another drunk being rescued by her husband!

Just so ya know.. it's crazy getting old!
You think you know where you are but being lost is part of the journey!
Your children look at you kinda of weird and whisper because they know I can't hear..
But here we are.. what can I say.. your day is coming and

 when it does you too will say... It's crazy getting old.

Love Mom

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