Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well.. well.. the last day of the Month.. Happy Halloween.

What is a "Happy Halloween"  I know for years it wasn't my favorite Holiday because it was alot of work getting eight children out to "Trick or Treat" plus make dozens of cookies for the creepy Halloween Goblin's that would be knocking on our front door. One year it was so crazy that I almost run over my own son.. just so a car could pass by.. in Heber... the roads would be full of cars and all kinds of little kids running here and there. but life was good and memories still linger in my heart...
                  Talking about cute memories

    Today was Sugar Cookie Day  (Secret recipe)... shhh..sorry.. it's mine and I never share it....but everybody loves it.. that is why I bake about 18dozen for each HOLIDAY!

But look who is here to help Grandma make their own cookies.
                 Our cute as a bug in the rug twins.

Ryker wants to help Grandma make Sugar Cookies.
Brother Holden is playing.....

Ryker is checking the quality of my dough!

We are being very carefull .... Hot Oven!

I love the new shapes he has created...

Now Holden joins us... for the best part...frosting the cookies and adding sprinkles!


After putting their cookies in their bags.. and kissing frosting faces-goodbye.. I finished my Cookie Cooking.

I Hope your Halloween turns out exactly as it should.....
A magical and fun-filled night
that's delightfully good!


  1. Those cookies look so good! And the boys are so sweet! It looks like they had a fun time with Grandma! The picture remind me of making cookies with my tiwn nieces when they were little. :)

  2. I think I have that recipe, so I will guard it with my life! Fun memories of those cookies, I've had them many times. Your grandkids are lucky to have such a nice grandma! Janet