Monday, December 26, 2011

Paying It Forward.. Challenge

Paying It Forward In 2012 - Join Me-- 

Paying it Forward......

When I was vacationing in Maui... December 7th. 2011 ...

I had the opportunity to go on a Pineapple Tour  with my Son Inlaw, daughter and two grandchildren.
after the tour.. which was very educational we were provided with a wonderful lunch at a very nice clean restraunant. The name of it was: Kapalua Resort's Plantation House
I was admiring some of the  displays when my eyes fell upon this wonderful vase.  There was two ladies sitting at a table ... which prevented me from getting closer.  I asked if the one lady would mind if I could get closer to the vase.
She was very plesant and stood up so I could do my aahs.. and hoos.  I loved the vase.. but with things being a bit tight with the economy.. I had to pick and choose ( wants over needs)
I put the Vase back and the Lady that stood asked if like it?  I replyed.. very much so..
I returned to my family and we enjoyed out lunch.. the two ladies passed my table on the way out of the front entrance.
I nodded and said "Goodbye" and they did the same.

Minutes later the Cashier approached me with a gift... she said..." A customer wanted you to have this!"
I couldn't believe this stranger showed such kindness towards me.. I tried to look for her.. but she was gone..
I promised myself I would ...PAY-IT-FORWARD!

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness.. every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

During the Holiday Season I waited and watched for an opportunity to pay-it-forward..
I went to the "Maverick to get my daily coke"
( with a couple squirts of cherry)
I noticed a young girl at the end with a sad face.. putting gas in her car.. I went back into the Maverick and told the clerk I wanted to pay for her gas.. the Clerk smiled and said Really?
Yes.. really.. I paid and went to my car.. the girl went into the Maverick and as I was leaving I passed her.. she smiled and I said Merry Christmas!

Simple deeds give a riviting chill though your soul.
As rabbi Harold Kushner .. reminds us.
"When you are kind to others, it not only changes you it changes the world."

Share with me.. your -pay-it-forwards!
Lets start a landslide of kindness
Pass the Word and then come back and Share with us!


  1. What a wonderful story , it made my heart smile , really that is so special what the lady did in buying the vase for you and then you in return paying for the gas , really special . You have given me the incentive to do something unexpected for someone,thanks and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas . hugs Sheila

  2. That was so sweet of you! I know you made her day. I appreciate your note on my blog. It was so much fun being your Secret Santa!