Saturday, December 24, 2011


Santa will always be in my heart...


Of Christmas Past

(Barbara Yerbury Filan)

I've done quite well, I must confess,
To ward off Christmas loneliness.
I've mailed surprises many miles
To start those special-morning smiles.
I've packed some food and clothes and toys
For less-than-lucky girls and boys.
I've sprinkled goodies on the snow
To feed small creatures we both know.
A service held by candlelight
Renewed my heart this winter night.
I've helped to decorate our tree;
The house glows warm for you and me.
With you beside me lost in sleep,
My life is full, my love runs deep.
Yet memory stirs a dream long gone;
I listen this December dawn
For childish whispers on the stair,
For tiny steps no longer there.

Merry Christmas to my family for all the great memories, my friends, my blogger friends, my Missionary friends, my neighbors, my new as well as old friends who have made a difference in my life.. my sister's and most of all my Hubby and his patience !


  1. Up early, catching up with favorite blogs - love the poem. Just what I needed this morning. I found myself listening on Christmas morning. It's different when babies are grown, not bad, just a different phase of my/our life. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I had tried to follow your blog before, but sometimes blogger doesn't add them. I did it again just now and it looks like it's added. I have it bookmarked in my blogs to read tab anyway. =) I think you can put my blog address in google reader, but livejournal does friends instead of follower, and you need a livejournal account for that. It's free, and you don't have to actually put up a blog, but I like it because I can just click on read friends page and there are all the latest posts.

    Yes, I am LDS - for 45 years this coming February! Time flies, etc. =)